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Formula per vial

Amygdalin (D-Mandelotrilo-ß-D-glucosido-6-ß-D-Glucosidico) 3g
Injectable water 10ml

Amygdalin Capsules

100% Natural Amygdalin Extract

Novodalin is the original trusted brand sold for over 20 years.

Beware, Ground Apricot Kernel inside capsules

Some companies do not clearly specify the dosage of amygdalin they are selling you, They just sell the ground kernel inside a capsule of different sizes for example 500mg, in this case you are getting 500mg of grinded apricot kernel not 500mg of the Apricot kernel extract known as Amygdalin or Vitamin B17. Make sure you are getting the right amount of Amygdalin for your metabolic therapy. 500mg of grinded Apricot kernel equals aproximately to 15mg of Amygdalin. In other words you will have to take 33 capsules of 500mg grinded kernel to obtain the dosage of one Novodalins 500mg amygdalin tablet.